Create the letters to send to credit bureaus and collection agencies.

Create your credit protection letter now.

Do-It-Yourself Credit Protection

CredKred makes the process simple. Create the letters you need to send to credit bureaus and collection agencies.


A safe and secure way to control and protect your personal credit information.


No expensive middle-men or attorney fees.


Defend and protect your right to accurate credit reporting based on up-to-date laws and regulations.

Simply create the letters you need to protect your credit.

Tools to Fix Your Credit

CredKred is a tool that generates letters for you, allowing you to input exactly which items on your credit report you need to fix. The language is designed to be effective and concise, and cite the federal laws that protect your right to dispute.

Dispute Collection

If you have an unauthorized or otherwise unverifiable collection account on your credit reports, you can submit a dispute.

Remove Inquiry

Credit inquiries can be removed if you felt pressured into an application process that led up to the credit inquiry.

Correct Payment History

If a late payment is on your credit reports in error, you can get it removed with a dispute relatively easily.

Update Personal Information

If you need to update your personal information on your credit report, you can generally do this by updating your information with the credit bureaus.

Remove Bankruptcy Records

To remove a bankruptcy from your credit report, you’ll need to find evidence that the bankruptcy was reported incorrectly.